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Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00am-7.00pm
Sat 9.00am-12.00pm

Our patients

The long-term relationships we've built, and recommendations we've received, are testament to the success of our approach. By word of mouth, we've become a firm favourite in the community and with those from further afield.

We've helped people recover from surgery, from sprained ankles and sciatica. We've worked on their frozen shoulders, slipped discs and tennis elbows. We've got people moving again, dancing again, digging over the garden again and back at work.

The following brief histories show the scope of what we do:

The golfer

Nick had been struggling with his grip and elbow pain. Our treatment plan included ultrasound and stretching. We also worked with Nick on his posture and helped to assess whether the equipment he used was right for him.

The skier

Kerry came to us after a bad fall, frustrated by the slow pace of her recovery. We devised an exercise programme to help her rebuild her strength and flexibility so that she could get back to enjoying her sport.

The retiree

We were asked to see a lady whose arthritic knee was causing her to become increasingly isolated. The exercises we devised specifically for her have reduced her pain and helped her manage the condition.

The accident victim

A man called us several weeks after a traffic accident with pain in his arms and shoulders. We found that he was holding tension in his neck, jaw and shoulders which we relieved with simple exercises, acupuncture and soft-tissue therapy.

Best foot forward

Geeta was having trouble with severe heel pain in the mornings. We looked at her gait and footwear before recommending prescription insoles which have provided her with tremendous relief.

The office worker

By observing an employee at work, we were able to pin down the cause of his neck pain and recommend adjustments to his workstation. We also suggested some simple changes in work routine to help him stay pain-free.

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